Veronika Reinert

Veronika has been playing guitar for 20 years. She is well-versed in both acoustic and electric. She enjoyed taking music theory classes in college and received a BA in Dance from UC Berkeley.

Veronika’s first teaching experience was as a gymnastics coach but loves having one-on-one lessons with her guitar and voice students so that she can help them focus on what they are most passionate about. “Teaching is one of my favorite things because I love taking a concept and breaking it down into something simple, clear and digestible.”

She currently teaches pilates, guitar and voice, and is looking for new students in the OC area.



Elite Musique, LLC is a classical music program that conveniently travels to your home. Each student receives a team of teachers that helps maintain practice routine, weekly improvements, and preparation for competitions and/or other musical opportunities. With an array of eclectic teaching styles, students use their progress in music education to succeed in other ways, such as leadership, education, and self development.
Classical lessons in: Piano ,Voice, Guitar, Violin, & Flute.
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