Welcome to Elite Musique (EM), LLC’s site! Elite Musique is a professional music education network, uniting the most prestigious classical music teachers in Southern California. EM’s educators work as an alliance to create a network that benefits both the students and the teachers.

Unlike EM educators, a normal self-employed music teacher can only maintain a set number of students, resulting in a fixed profit. Although one’s income can be substantial, there is no prospect for growth. After all, you’re just one person! By joining Elite Musique, new financial opportunities arise as you progress through your freelance career, resulting in additional revenue streams. Benefits include:

1-Elite Musique teachers work together; substitution is available 4-8 times a year, resulting in paid time off.

2-Extra cash flow comes into play if you have a specialty and decide to substitute for other teachers.

3-Bonus incentives are provided by Elite Musique for teachers and their students.

4-Elite Musique, LLC covers all advertising costs resulting in free marketing for each self-employed teacher.

5-Elite Musique, LLC organizes and pays for performance venues.

6-Elite Musique, LLC offers free training for teachers to learn how to prepare their students for international assessments.

If you are classically trained, have passed collegiate education courses, have reliable transportation, and are interested in obtaining more students, join our network! Please send your resume to HumanResources@EliteMusique.com. If you have any questions, email or submit your information below and one of our team members will reply with more information.

Elite Musique, LLC is a classical music program that conveniently travels to your home. Each student receives a team of teachers that helps maintain practice routine, weekly improvements, and preparation for competitions and/or other musical opportunities. With an array of eclectic teaching styles, students use their progress in music education to succeed in other ways, such as leadership, education, and self development.
Classical lessons in: Piano ,Voice, Guitar, Violin, & Flute.
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