Jennifer Paz

Jennifer Paz has been a professional singer since 2014. She has a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from California State University Long Beach. With a strong background in classical music, she has also extensive knowledge on other genres such as musical theater, jazz/pop, choral music, and a cappella music. She performed with the top choir (Chamber Choir) and the top jazz group (PST) during her time in school. Jennifer’s most noteworthy accomplishments include singing with the LA Master Chorale as a rostered singer and performing with the Rolling Stones. Jennifer also has a vast knowledge about piano, having played since the age of 6. She has accompanied orchestras, solo singers, and choirs. Jennifer also worked through the Certificate of Merit Program with her own private teacher through High School.

Jennifer lives in Long Beach, and performs and teaches in Southern California from Long Beach to Los Angeles and Orange County.

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