Ilana Kleiman

In 2001 Ilana started learning violin in Ma ’ale Adumim (Israel) conservatory with Prof. Vera Rubinsky, studies included theory of music and solfeggio. During this period,she had concerts twice a year and participated in musical school events in various instruments (Flute, Mandolin, Keyboard and Saxophone).

Between the years of 2007 – 2009 Ilana studied with Prof. Faina Bordo in private lessons and simultaneously attended music theory lessons and orchestra projects in ‘HaSadna’ conservatory in Jerusalem, Israel. In the year of 2009 Ilana was accepted to Prof. Michael Geisler’s class in ‘HaSadna’ conservatory and continued her musical theory lessons and orchestral education until the year of high school graduation in 2013. During her studies in ‘HaSadna’ conservatory she received the ‘Keren Varon’ scholarship yearly and participated in many concerts. In 2009 Ilana participated in the conservatory’s orchestra project trip to London. During the years of high school (2011 – 2013) she participated in students exchange program in Linz, Austria – ‘Adalbert Stifter’ school: composition and choir projects.

Between the years of 2013 – 2017 Ilana studied in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance at Prof. Michael Geisler’s class – department of classical performing arts in violin (Bachelor’s degree). The studies included orchestra playing and chamber music among other profound studies such as violin methodic and musical history. Ilana was the 1st violin in the Quintet – chamber string quintet (Classical music, Original Arrangements, Well known songs). From the year of 2015 until present time Ilana is a violin teacher of mixed ages in private lessons.

In 2017 until 2018 she was a teacher in two conservatories in Jerusalem and Hod – HaSharon where she taught individualized and group lessons including work with children’s orchestras. Ilana is a performing artist and has a big experience on stage in many kinds of events and concerts. She performed with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and Jerusalem East and West Orchestra.

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