Welcome to Elite Musique (EM), LLC’s site!  Elite Musique is a competitive music enrichment program that conveniently delivers classical instruction to you and/or your child in the privacy of your own home.  Although Elite Musique educates students of all ages, EM provides students under the age of 18 with amazing advantages unlike any other existing music education company.

Perks of taking lessons from Elite Musique are as follows:

Elite Musique provides results for your long-term investment. Depending on the instrument, 50%-90% of students quit after realizing how challenging music learning can truly be.  EM provides promising future goals for both students and parents to encourage them to persevere with their musical art.

Even though Elite Musique does not expect any of their students to become music majors, we prepare them to use their musical abilities to sell themselves to their university or college of choice.  Our company works with college advisors and guides your child with opportunities to exhibit their musical signature that they’ve spent years creating.

Our students learn classical technique, theory, and performance skills!  Put simply, we do not allow students to rely on their ear.  We teach them how to read notes and provide them with the correct assessments to ensure that they are properly developing their music comprehension.

Our teachers are masters of both musical instruments and education.  EM educators have all attended college for music, in addition to education and/or psychology.  This means that they are familiar with child development, and trained to positively manipulate learning experiences by using various teaching styles and the most updated musical pedagogy used by professionals.

We have a passion to perform!  EM knows the importance of live performances and we have multiple opportunities throughout the year for students to perform in a competitive and or non-competitive atmosphere.  These performances include the following:  senior citizen home visits, the ABRSM Practical exams, open-mic nights at Laguna Coffee Company, holiday caroling, and one grand recital each year.

All students are eligible for International Testing.  Elite Musique uses the prestigious international organization, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) to assess the students’ musical knowledge.  Accessible tests are as follows: 1) the Practical exams, and 2) the Music Theory exams.  Elite Musique, LLC is proud to announce that all participating students have achieved a 100% passing rate!  These certifications are advantageous during the college application process.

Elite Musique guides and encourages students to develop their musical signature by creating a unique and original volunteer program.  When a student develops their own innovative volunteer program, they experience a fulfillment of giving back to their community as a leader, rather than a follower.  EM educators help students research and create programs revolving around what they are most passionate about.  Volunteer work also aids students during the college application process.

Elite Musique, LLC is the only music education company that offers free training to eligible students to teach them ‘how to teach’.  This is offered to high-school students who are interested in making an impressive supplemental income while they’re in school, or plan on entering the field of education.  Once they’ve reach a certain level of advancement and have a driver’s license, they can shadow local EM instructors and learn how to teach beginner students.  After six months, they will be hired as an EM ‘Student teacher’ and have the option to teach.  If they are successful and interested in continuing throughout college, EM will pay for local advertisement after they’ve relocated.

Please read our FAQs, often asked by perspective parents, to explore in more detail what makes our company the most ‘elite’ musical program offered in your area.  Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to meeting you and your family.

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Elite Musique, LLC is a classical music program that conveniently travels to your home. Each student receives a team of teachers that helps maintain practice routine, weekly improvements, and preparation for competitions and/or other musical opportunities. With an array of eclectic teaching styles, students use their progress in music education to succeed in other ways, such as leadership, education, and self development.
Classical lessons in: Piano ,Voice, Guitar, Violin, & Flute.
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