Elite Musique, LLC would like to thank you for your membership, support, and business. Your involvement is essential to the success of your child. Your daily role is to prioritize musical practice so that your child is prepared to learn more and move forward during their next lesson. Learning is a constructive process, meaning new information cannot be taught unless the prior knowledge has been solidified.

EM appreciates you and recognizes that your job can sometimes be a challenging task. To help, your educator(s) will do their best to create individualized practice schedules customized around your household routine. In addition, EM educators vow to maintain open communication with parents/guardians and inform you of your child’s weekly progress and advancement goals.

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Elite Musique Service Agreement 

 This Agreement is between Student (“You”) and Elite Musique, LLC (“Company”) for music lessons on the following terms:

  1. Tuition. Lessons are offered in 45 minute or 60 minute sessions. Tuition for the 45 minute lessons start at $65.00 per session. Tuition for the 60 lessons start at $75.00 per session.
  2. Payment. Tuition payments are due in advance at the first of every month for that months lessons. Payments shall be made online at www.elitemusique.com. Failure to timely make tuition payments will result in the cancelation of the piano lessons for that month. For Your convenience, the Company will send an email reminder before the first of each month to inform You how much is due. This is for Your convenience only, and payment is due regardless of whether You receive an email reminder or not.
  3. Lessons.

3.1       Weekly Lessons. Lesson days and times will be selected by you when signing up. All lessons are one-on-one with a specific instructor. Lessons occur on a weekly basis, on the same day and time. You will choose the day, and time that works best for you prior to paying tuition. Your tuition payment reserves the specific day of the week, and time of day you select for that month, and are renewed at the beginning of each successive month.

3.2       Parent Responsibilities. A parent or guardian must be home AT ALL TIMES while the lesson is in progress. It is highly recommended that a parent is within ear-range of the lessons so that the parent or guardian may intervene to address any discipline issues or behavioral problems. In addition, it is Your responsibility to ensure that You or Your child completes all homework and assignments given by the instructor. If homework is not completed in a timely manner, the instructor may withdraw students from competitions or recitals, including but not limited to the day of the recital.

  1. Cancelations.

4.1       Cancelation Policy. You agree to provide 48-hours’ notice for any and all cancelations. If You cancel within 48-hours of a scheduled lesson, that lesson will be forfeited and there will be no make-up lesson or refund issue for that lesson.

4.2       Make-up Lessons. If You provide at least 48-hours’ notice, then you may cancel a lesson and that lesson may be scheduled to an alternative date and/or time mutually agreeable between You and the instructor.

4.3       Instructor Cancelations. If Your instructor needs to cancel a scheduled lesson, then You will be able to make-up the lesson pursuant to section 4.2 above, or You may be credited for that lesson on the following month’s tuition.

  1. Preparation. Our instructors will provide You or Your child with the proper instruction books/curricula; however we ask that You please bring or provide notebooks, pencils, highlighters, instruments, and a designated quiet space for the lesson.

5.1       Renting Instruments. The Company and its instructors do not provide the instruments; however, if you need to rent or purchase an instrument, please contact the Company prior to your lesson and the Company will assist you in purchasing or renting a suitable instrument.

5.2       Practice. The amount of attention paid during lessons and the dedication to practicing lessons before and after each session are critical to learning a new instrument. The Company does not guarantee You or Your child’s ability to learn to play an instrument.

  1. Instructors. The music instructors are not employees of the Company. They do not speak for the Company and are not authorized to act on its behalf. Accordingly, the Company reserves the right to remove instructors for any reason whatsoever and without notice. In the event the Company needs to remove You or Your child’s instructor, a suitable replacement will be secured.
  2. Indemnification. The Company is not a guarantor of You of Your child’s safety. The Company relies of Your vigilance to ensure a safe environment, suitable for music lessons. In the event that an instructor or student is harmed during a lesson on Your property or location chosen by You, You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold the Company harmless for any and all losses, claims, judgmens, orders, or debts arising from or related to this Agreement.
  3. Assumption of the Risk. At times music lessons can be challenging and frustrating. Depending on the lesson, and type of instrument, lessons can by mentally and physically demanding. There is a minimal risk of injury from handling, carrying, playing, and transporting instruments. This risk is increased if You do not properly handle, carry, play, or transport musical instruments. You agree to assume all risks related to those injuries, and will hold Company harmless for any and all injuries which may occur during or attendant to a lesson.
  4. Entire Agreement. This is the entire agreement between You and Company. There is no other Agreement, written or oral other than those promises, covenants, and agreement contained in this Agreement.
  5. Modification. This Agreement may only be modified in writing.
  6. Severability. In the event that all or a portion of this Agreement is deem void or unenforceable under California State Law, then the void or illegal portion of this Agreement may be severed from the remaining portions, and the remaining portions fully enforced.


Elite Musique, LLC is a classical music program that conveniently travels to your home. Each student receives a team of teachers that helps maintain practice routine, weekly improvements, and preparation for competitions and/or other musical opportunities. With an array of eclectic teaching styles, students use their progress in music education to succeed in other ways, such as leadership, education, and self development.
Classical lessons in: Piano ,Voice, Guitar, Violin, & Flute.
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