Debbie Lee

Debbie Lee is a classically trained cellist based in Los Angeles, California. She has started playing cello since the age of 8 and has earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Cello Performance from California State University Long Beach in 2017. She has found her passion for teaching, performing, and experiencing music from other cultures through travelling. She has been coaching sectionals in various middle schools and teaching private lessons since 2011. Lee has been teaching for over 7 years with over 30 students. She has sent her students to programs such as Certificate of Merit to incorporate theory, performing, and technique. Lee has also traveled to many places around the world such as the Philippines, North Africa, India, Cambodia, and many more, teaching music as a source of self-empowerment and motivation. 

Debbie currently wishes to serve her community in South LA through cello and music. Lee has interned with Servant Partners, an organization focused on community transformation alongside urban under-resourced communities. Lee desires to continue to integrate her love for music in under-resourced communities and to share her music while collaborating with people in her community. Lee hopes to continue to be an ambassador for music in all circumstances she is placed in.

Elite Musique, LLC is a classical music program that conveniently travels to your home. Each student receives a team of teachers that helps maintain practice routine, weekly improvements, and preparation for competitions and/or other musical opportunities. With an array of eclectic teaching styles, students use their progress in music education to succeed in other ways, such as leadership, education, and self development.
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